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Dieter Peirs

Thoughts and insights on CSS, prototyping and accessibility

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  1. Simple SVG pie charts

    There's plenty of Javascript libraries available for graph generation but if you just need a simple pie chart, an svg and a bit of clever CSS can do the trick.

  2. Blog with and 11ty

    This website has been recently rebuilt with 11ty. I quite like having a simple setup without a CMS for my personal site. It’s flexible and easy to experiment with I did however want a simple way to write and manage articles. The ideal time to run a little experiment with

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I also write about low-carbon design and development on Roaring and Gentle.

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    An accessibility nerd, front-end developer, components enthusiast, web standards fan and tech ethics explorer.

Hi, nice to meet you!

Ghent, Belgium


Throughout the previous 20 years, my role has revolved around design and front-end development for websites and applications. My focus lies in crafting projects that prioritize sustainability, user-friendliness, and inclusivity.

You can hire me for:

  • Design systems
  • Pattern libraries
  • Prototyping
  • Custom CSS frameworks
  • Accessibility
  • Coaching

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