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Dieter Peirs

Freelance design engineer

Bridging the gap between design and development

I help development teams to implement, maintain and optimise their website's or application's design.

Ghent, Belgium


What's a design engineer?

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Hi, nice to meet you

Throughout the previous 19 years, my role has revolved around design and front-end development for websites and applications.

My focus lies in crafting projects that prioritize sustainability, user-friendliness, and inclusivity.

About me

Design system, prototype and theme development

Blending design and front-end development expertise, I craft visually captivating designs that seamlessly blend performance and user-friendliness.

I contribute to your team by ensuring the smooth implementation and maintenance of your application or website's design.

screenshot of the Vlaanderen storybook design system

Design system for Vlaanderen

screenshot of the Made website

CraftCMS development for Made

screenshot of the Sweepbright prototype

Website prototype for Sweepbright

screenshot of the Packle prototype

Website prototype for Packle

screenshot of a prototype and design system

Design system and application prototype

KMOs, government and corporations

I have experience with KMOs, government entities, and corporations, both as part of a team or working independently.

I can help you with:

  • Illustration of a product with a person and the text MORE

    Theming and CMS development

    I can implement your design to a performant CMS. Taking care of accessibility and optimizing for the lowest carbon emissions.

    • CraftCMS
    • Wordpress
    • Shopify
  • Illustration of a robot analysing a tablet screen

    Design systems and prototyping

    New features or legacy code? I can cleanup your application design, implement a design system and prototype new features.

    • Design systems
    • Prototyping
    • Framework of your choice
  • Illustration of a person holding a flag

    Accessibility and performance

    Making your website or application performant and accessible brings advantages to SEO and reduces carbon emissions. I provide audits and can rectify common issues.

    • Accessibility audit
    • Carbon emissions audit
    • Reporting and fixes

Latest articles

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    This website has been recently rebuilt with 11ty. I quite like having a simple setup without a CMS for my personal site. It’s flexible and easy to experiment with I did however want a simple way to write and manage articles. The ideal time to run a little experiment with

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