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Dieter Peirs

Interface designer
and front-end developer

I'm an independant designer and front-end developer. Specializing in interface design, with a focus on sustainability and accessibility.



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Ghent, Belgium


  • Roaring and Gentle

    My design studio where I design & develop sustainable websites with CraftCMS.

    2016 - current

  • Smooth Sailing

    I team up with this lovely crew to put humans at the center of software creation.

    2022 - current

  • Massis

    You can often find me at this co-working and freelance collective.

    2022 - current

Latest article

Blog with and 11ty

This website has been recently rebuilt with 11ty. I quite like having a simple setup without a CMS for my personal site. It’s flexible and easy to experiment with I did however want a simple way to write and manage articles. The ideal time to run a little experiment with