User interface design

Marketing site

Project AXA bank

Responsive prototype

I design functioning prototypes in HTML/CSS which can be easily user-tested and implemented in a CMS.

AXAbank overview

Pattern library

A library of all design assets and components used in the prototype. Complete with developer documentation and HTML snippets.

AXAbank pattern library

Content site

Project Stad Gent

Together with Simon Coudeville I converted the brand guidelines into a flexible design system. We created a set of patterns which could then be mixed and matched to form templates.

Stad Gent overview

Cross-platform application

Project De Lijn POC


During a week-long design sprint I created this proof of concept with my colleagues at Wijs. Our goal was to create a service in which the users of De Lijn could participate in traffic reports and take advantage of this shared information.

De Lijn concept overview


I prototyped a range of applications which would allow users to continually use the service depending on their situation, location and task.

De Lijn responsive


As a 'nice-to-have' we made a dashboard where users can connect other services and applications with the API.

De Lijn open

macOS application

Project Rami edit

A photo-editing application with a twist. It enables a photo-journalist to edit their images in the context of the final article. By switching modes you enter a focus view where more advanced editing can be done.

Rami edit overview

Other services

Brand identity

  • Logo design
  • Visual identity
  • Icon design
  • Guidelines
  • Art direction

Front-end development

  • Prototyping
  • CSS/HTML architecture
  • CMS integration

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