Front-end development


Project Trainworld

Low definition

A basic responsive and clickable prototype helps to test out content models and is suitable for user-testing. It's a great starting point for agile projects, POCs, ... and can be used as the base for design and development.

Low definition prototyping

High definition

A realistic blueprint designed and developed with HTML and CSS is a flexible tool for user-testing. It can be easily implemented into a CMS or even be used as a static site.

High definition prototyping

CSS/HTML architecture

Writing CSS and HTML in a considered way has a big impact on performance and maintenance. Setting up a solid architecture is an important step for any web project.

I work according to the following standards:

CSS/HTML architecture


I mainly work with flexible and extensible frameworks like Chopstick and InuitCSS. Alternatively I work with Bootstrap for smaller projects or legacy systems.



I use Jekyll for prototyping and Gulp for automating and optimising asset generation. Siteleaf is a great online CMS which plugs into Jekyll and converts a prototype into a production ready dynamic website.


Other services

Brand identity

  • Logo design
  • Visual identity
  • Icon design
  • Guidelines
  • Art direction

User interface design

  • Content & marketing sites
  • Pattern libraries
  • Applications

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