Brand identity

Logo design

Project Chopstick boilerplate


I design logos which are optimized for digital use. Small animations and micro-interactions liberate your logo and add an extra layer of emotion.

Visual identity

Project Talboom Group

Graphic language

The consistent use of graphical elements gives a brand identity an instant recognisable look and feel.

Talboom stationery

Art direction

Photography, illustration and copywriting are managed to support and fit the identity system.

Talboom advertising

Cross media

Online applications are developed from a set of UX principles, key visuals, typography guidelines and colours.

Talboom website

Icon design

Project Keynote Extractor

I keep track of the current MacOS, iOS and Android guidelines to extend your branding to your application.

Mac OS icon for Keynote extractor


Project Bridgestone Firststop

Basic colour, typography and logo guidelines are a must for any brand. For extensive guidelines I prefer creating a more flexible digital style guide or brand persona.

Firststop brand guidelines

Other services

User interface design

  • Content & marketing sites
  • Pattern libraries
  • Applications

Front-end development

  • Prototyping
  • CSS/HTML architecture
  • CMS integration

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